Grassroots PPE Donations

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Grassroots PPE Donations

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Learn How to Fight COVID-19

You may not have access to hospital-quality PPE, but you can still do your part to protect people from coronavirus. If you're wondering how to fight COVID-19, here are three ways you can help health workers, community members, and yourself:

Stay Knowledgeable

The first step to fighting and pandemic is knowing what steps to take to keep yourself and others safe. Resist the impulse to relax the safeguards we’ve been taking. Wear a mask, wash your hands and follow CDC guidelines. Disinfect your smartphone after using it in a contaminated environment, such as while shopping.

Johns Hopkins University & Medical Center has a Covid-19 Resource Center that supplies a wealth of current information about protecting yourself and others, current trends and much more.

Johns Hopkins Covid-19 Resource Center

Johns Hopkins – Protect Yourself

Contribute Financially

Select an organization and donate funds for PPE and other vital supplies that keep healthcare workers and others impacted by the virus safe. We like, respect and suggest, as they have done exemplary work in this arena.

Another option is to provide meals for the Frontline Teams. Please check with your local facility before doing so, as many require restaurant delivered food and unfortunately can’t accept home-cooked donations.

Volunteer Time

Learn how to sew facemasks, and gowns or use a 3D printer to fabricate visors. Form a local PPE donation Facebook group. Call or email businesses in your local community and ask if they have any PPE to donate to local hospitals, nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. Check with your local health department to determine which facility needs it most.


PPE Patterns


We believe in doing everything we can to reduce the impact of the virus and make life safer for people in its way. As part of our mission, we've collected some helpful resources from around the web that offers ways to get involved and do your part in uniting with others against this crisis. We will continue to build out this section as we become aware of additional resources. 

Patterns: Make PPE Benefits of Cloth Face Coverings