Grassroots PPE Donations

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Grassroots PPE Donations

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Donate PPE to Save Lives

We Connect People Who Can Help with the Frontline First Responders Who Need It

Our Medical Heroes, the ER and ICU Doctors, Nurses, EMTs, Respiratory Therapists and other Essential Service Providers are on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis. Their courage provides hope for a world facing a pandemic, but they constantly struggle with a critical shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) — the protective face masks, gloves, medical gowns, and similar items that make it possible for them to do their jobs safely. That's why it's so important to locate and donate PPE to those who need it most.

At Grassroots PPE Donations, founded by the proud but very concerned father of an Emergency Department Nurse at one of Chicago’s busiest hospitals, we work to keep our healthcare heroes safe because they are our brothers & sisters, husbands, wives, and children.

Additionally, we need them well so they can meet the ambulance when it arrives at the ER with one of our loved ones, be that a grandparent, neighbor, or newborn. We believe in the power of grassroots community action - people helping people.

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You Can Help!

You can be a part of saving lives and pushing back this pandemic. Share this website across your email contacts and social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Like us on Facebook!

  1. Working together, we will build awareness of the urgent need for PPE donations (from private parties, homeowners, business owners, etc.) and provide information as to how to Donate or Make PPE to give our Health Care Heroes the armor they need in the Covid-19 battle.
  2. We tap the power of the families of First Responders (and beyond) to urge Washington to truly utilize the Defense Production Act for increased PPE manufacturing and COVID-19 Testing.

Contact Your Legislators Today!

Insist on the urgent use of the Defense Production Act for PPE & Covid-19 Testing.

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Grassroots PPE Donations

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